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Age : 26
Location : USA Florida
Registration date : 2008-07-30

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PostSubject: Member List (Active)   Member List (Active) Icon_minitimeThu Jul 31, 2008 9:58 am

The Founders

1.[LTK]HDD21 - Founder
2.[LTK]Zer0] - Founder
3.[LTK]Brad -Founder
4.[LTK]Ronomet -Founder


[color=orange][LTK] 90-9-9ER- Leader


The Members

[LTK] Germangirl17
[LTK] Torque
[LTK] C_y_p_H_e_R
[LTK] ax7
[LTK] Mujibar
[LTK] manOFsnow
[LTK] Monkeyballs
[LTK] Morpheus
[LTK] Dimebong
[LTK] Deadeye
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Member List (Active)
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