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 Deus Ex Optimization/Reset tool released

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Deus Ex Optimization/Reset tool released Empty
PostSubject: Deus Ex Optimization/Reset tool released   Deus Ex Optimization/Reset tool released Icon_minitimeWed Aug 20, 2008 4:39 pm

Hey all. Im releasing this beta deus ex tool of mine.

It was done my me in visual basic.

Deus Ex Optimization/Reset tool released

It has a cache cleaner button (clears cache), A temp files cleaner, config file resetter, and a complete uninstaller.

All the names are self explanitory. There are 2 checkboxes (one verifys you want to completelly uninstall it so you dont press it acidentlly, and the other when checked clears logs along with temp files.

Click the help button in the program for info on the buttons. Deus_Ex_Optimisation_And_Reset_Tool.exe.html

enjoy Smile
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Deus Ex Optimization/Reset tool released
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