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 Cypher kicked out of [LTK]

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Cypher kicked out of [LTK] Empty
PostSubject: Cypher kicked out of [LTK]   Cypher kicked out of [LTK] Icon_minitimeMon Aug 11, 2008 6:42 am

Hi all. What cypher just did to BRAD was so worng.

He is kicked.

He is a control freak and has finally ruined it for BRAD.
He backstabbed brad and made me look like id tried to screw brad over.
To all. ban him on any servers you possiblly can. Hes made a lethal mistake.
so he is kicked.

So it goes a little like this: I made brad a subuser on my server to prevent any attacks getting the pass. i didnt want to do tech on the servers for the time being as if deviant fucked it up the blame would drop on one of us.

Cypher then changed the servers admin pass and brad was unable to suspend his sub user as he was a subuser.

Cypher has been a control freak in this clan and im pleased to say hes OUT.

ip ranges of him:

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Cypher kicked out of [LTK]
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