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 A clan war challenge from [B]

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PostSubject: A clan war challenge from [B]   Thu Aug 07, 2008 2:19 pm

Hi, I am a member from the [ B ] clan. Recently our clan has been receiving lots of complaints of how you guys call our members "noobs" and whatnot. I tried to go in to your server Brad and Zero's server to challenge ANY LTK member who wants to have a clanwar challenge whether it be a 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and also we'll give you the option to have 1 more member on your team than ours as a "handicap." All the response I got was from Brad telling me to stfu, then a ban lol. It just shows how the leaders are cowards who refrain from backing up their shit talk. I cannot communicate with some selected leaders because they are immature on their actions, so I've decided to post on your forums to maybe communicate through some of your other clan mates who WILL listen.

[LTK]Haqeer accepts our challenge.... Who's with him? All your leaders have ignored his requests to go to clan war against us.

ANYWAYS, we would like to challenge your clan. Anyone may step up, but speaking on behalf of [B] we would like for the leaders of [LTK] to please select whoever you guys want to challenge against us whether it be yourselves or if you think you are not good enough, then the BEST of your clan :-)

If you do not accept our challenge, then just goes to show that you guys have a lot of trash talk, then run and hide in your RPG servers lol.

Our clan would accept any challenge but I think that we can all abide by these simple rules: We will play in a redfire server as it has been there the longest and not owned by either of us. Either that or one of us can host a map that can be made private just for the clan war. We could play atdm/btdm/0-aug... or a match from all 3 would also be appreciated. We recommend that as some of you may not have the strength and skill to play in augmented matches so we will play in both atdm/btdm/0-aug if you guys accept.

Any default map is acceptable.... no "Hong Kong RPG" or some sort of that... Only Deus Ex MultiPlayer DEFAULT maps.

Please feel free to comment. NO FLAMES NECESSARY. I posted this civily and maturely and would like a respectable answer soon from your leaders and/or from any clanmates who are interested.

Thanks for your cooperation. I have high expectations from [LTK], unless you're just gonna ban me from your forums and not let anyone see our challenge.

Thanks again~


During the war i amibotted. i admitted it to someone else.

And i always do it Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: A clan war challenge from [B]   Thu Aug 07, 2008 2:56 pm

Hello, I'm Ronomet, one of the 4 founders of LTK, posting this has caught my attention. This clan war SHALL be discussed. Haqueer has no permission to accept a clan war. He is not a leader or a Founder. Only me, Zer0, brad, or HDD21 may accept clan wars. NO one else. I will also talk to brad about what happen to you and that ban on his server. This clan war shall be discussed by the end of next week. We have all have personal matters to deal with. But remember, next time you post on our forums, please do not insult us. We have sprouted into a very proud and strong clan in the short time we've made it. I am locking this thread so our clan will not freak out by what you have said. Just private message me if you need any questions answered. Come back to this forum in less than 2 weeks, we shall have your clan war discussed by then.

-Ronomet Founder
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PostSubject: Re: A clan war challenge from [B]   Thu Aug 07, 2008 4:49 pm

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PostSubject: Re: A clan war challenge from [B]   

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A clan war challenge from [B]
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